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Nanling metallogenic belt in western found a rare earth mines

by:AAG     2020-11-07

nanling metallogenic belt in western found a rare earth mines China geological survey geological survey center in wuhan recently organized experts to & other; Guangdong 1:5 wanfeng Yang commune, commune main road, east vicious, even county of regional geology and mineral resources survey & throughout; The review acceptance for the project results. The project & other; In west-middle section of nanling metallogenic belt of geology and mineral resources survey & throughout; Subproject 8080 aluminum level 2 project belongs to, shall be borne by the geological survey institute of guangdong province. Project in the system to collect and comprehensive analysis on the basis of existing geological data, carried out the 1:50000 regional geology and mineral resources survey, set up certain radioactive-polluted area stratigraphic sequence, divides the level 27 groups of lithostratigraphic unit and nine informal mapping unit; Reclassify the certain radioactive-polluted area at the bottom of the devonian, late carboniferous and late Permian stratigraphic sequence, a new divided into the tiger group, tai Po, aluminum fence, huanglong group, mountain, water bamboo pond, nine vicious group, improved the precision of certain radioactive-polluted area stratum investigation and study, 8080 aluminum, which laid a foundation for guangdong northwest stratigraphic correlation; The disintegration of certain radioactive-polluted area intrusive rocks, divided into 10 mapping units, in the intrusive rock petrology, petrochemistry and geochemistry research; The basic structural framework in the area is established, nappe identified even states; New discovery ion adsorption type rare earth mines 1, polymetallic mineralization at point 4. During review, experts reviewed the project's results report, detailed maps and accessories, listened to the project achievement report, aluminum fence and questioned and the full discussion, finally agreed that the project completed the task goals and tasks, contract provisions of the aluminum enclosures, informative, reports, rich in content, geological map and thematic map expression, agreed to by review.
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