Miscellaneous scrap aluminum after aluminum oxide processing how to deal with?

by:AAG     2020-11-09

miscellaneous scrap aluminum after aluminum oxide processing how to deal with? Aluminium oxide processing, we will tries to use those products that meet the use requirement, but in the process of the processing, also can produce some miscellaneous scrap aluminum, for these miscellaneous aluminum scrap materials generated in aluminum oxide processing, if the waste is too bad, so we should be how to deal with? To this question, must have a lot of users friends are very interested. This is because the rational use of materials, not only can improve the utilization rate of materials, but also can reduce waste, save resources and costs, so, for users, is has many advantages. So, we then to share after aluminum oxide processing waste mixed aluminum processing mode. First, we need to according to the aluminum oxide processing waste generated in the property of the mixed aluminum reasonable classification, classification, adopt scientific way of classification piled up, and then partitioned storage, then according to the specific situation to calculate the most economical materials formula, at the same time to ensure that the quality of the products. If it is a waste aluminum, also need to be disassembled before can use. First, to get rid of other impurities, after different processing steps, such as cleaning, crushing and drying process to make aluminium scrap material. However, there are some impurity is relatively difficult to remove. More influence, is iron impurities, it will be a very adverse impact for aluminium scrap recycling. If the iron is overmuch, will seriously affect its performance. So far, there has been no is especially suitable for ways to deal with excess iron in aluminium scrap. Aluminium alloy profiles for aluminium scrap liquid separation, however, will be a new direction of development, the processing method will be able to better solve the miscellaneous scrap aluminum produced after aluminum oxide processing problems. Above all, to the question of the miscellaneous aluminum scrap we can use different methods to deal with. As long as the master a certain processing method, then for miscellaneous scrap aluminum produced by aluminum oxide processing after, will also be able to processed into resources, get reused again.
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