Minmetals by easy futures: on August 29, aluminum early reviews

by:AAG     2020-11-07

on August 26, chalco guizhou branch & other; City back into the garden & throughout; Project implementation electricity production, the production is 500000 t/a electrolyzed aluminum project. SMM to domestic inventories 2 on Monday. 90000 tons to 155. 90000 tons of aluminum fence, reflects the domestic demand is still weak, supply cut effect is not obvious. Shanghai aluminum enclosures compare values remain at 7. 88 reflect Aaron aluminum valuations are still weak, the domestic pressure aluminum exports, China's aluminium exports could be affected in the third quarter, and a further blow to the consumer. Aluminum fence at present domestic futures premium and term structure of LME strengthened gradually, intercity is set to attractive. Shanghai aluminum in the ratio of overvalued, although maintaining long train of thought, but the light warehouse hold Aaron aluminium seems to be better.
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