Million sheng industrial aluminum was made in shandong fund 4 million yuan

by:AAG     2020-11-10

million sheng industrial aluminum was made in shandong fund 4 million yuan in shandong province development investment holding group direct investment fund investment signing ceremony held, high-tech enterprises in shandong province billion shing industrial aluminum co. , LTD. For $4 million equity investment, supplemented by the company's liquidity, provide great support for the company development. The money use period for five to seven years, at an annual rate of 5%, a shareholder in the company's net assets per share when shareholding, exits to take a stake in the cost price of exit. To actively adapt to and lead the new normal economic development, promote capital market supply side structural reform, accelerate the development of regional capital market in shandong province, alleviate the financing difficulties, our province has issued a 'shandong province people's government office on the views of the financial support to the entity economy development' ( Lu ZhengBan hair [2016] of the 28) , 'shandong province about print and distribute to accelerate the development of capital market and focus on industry transformation and upgrading of fiscal policy measures to notice ( Lu ZhengFa [2016] 20) Important documents, such as the next step, high-tech zone will actively promote the enterprises in the area, seize the opportunity, active docking qilu equity trading center and was made for funds, promote the listed companies, realize the direct financing, promote regional & other; Second startup & throughout; Pace. ( Peng-fei cao zeng-peng li) This article from the network by the WWW. aps。 com. Cn 2880260718 industrial aluminum reproduced finishing if infringement please contact QQ delete if you want to buy industrial aluminium profile, aluminum parts, please contact: - 400 688 - 1792
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