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by:AAG     2020-11-10

mian pool with new materials to promote transformation and upgrading of industrial aluminum aluminum base for days, the total investment of 600 million yuan of ChengMing photoelectric 47 tons of photoelectric new materials on the project site, machines roar, the workers is stepping up its construction, present a busy scene. This year, mian pool advance & other; Throughout industry structing &; Strategy, aiming at aluminum and industrial aluminum aluminum base of new materials, equipment manufacturing, food processing, three leading industries, adhere to promote transformation project, promoting the transformation of innovation, to reform and promote the transformation and to resolve production is not optimal, secundiparity is not strong, the development of the tertiary industry is not big, further optimize the structure, strengthen, improve business efficiency, efforts to forge a transformation such as the development of counties in the jin an upgrade for the gripper, create new advantages of economic development. Continue increasing industrial concentration area infrastructure construction, cultivating and stronger leading industries, further optimization and upgrading industrial concentration area, strive to improve the comprehensive service level of industrial concentration area, promote industrial concentration area secondary to ascend, to ensure successful promotion & other; Two-star industrial concentration area throughout the &; 。 Relying on the food processing industry and traffic location advantage, to fully support the orchard industry and trade zone to speed up the development, strive to & other Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; Late to rise to the provincial industrial concentration area, make such as the industrial concentration area, south, west from the wingers into three zones are horns, are racing to develop eventually formed three garden area, the new pattern of tripartite confrontation. Supported by industry transformation, and enhance the core competitiveness of the county. Continue to grow promote industrial aluminium profile, adhere to aluminum deep processing and chemical as the main direction, supports the east hope, YiXiang aluminum industry backbone enterprises through technical innovation, improve management, moderately expand capacity; Promote aluminum bauxite resources in situ transformation, widening the alumina production scale; Encourage strong core casting, Jin Huaxin materials enterprises and research institutes to strengthen cooperation, through scientific and technological innovation, vigorously develop new industrial aluminum aluminum materials, special alumina, such as continued industry, spin industry chain, increase added value, strive to & other; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; At the end of the aluminum industrial output value reached 50 billion yuan, become the important production base of alumina and the province's important industrial aluminum aluminum production base of new materials. To a high growth industry, vigorously develop new industries. According to the municipal party committee proposed the focus of the new materials, biological medicine, new energy industry cluster and develop the advanced equipment manufacturing, food, new building materials such as growth requirement of industrial clusters, concentrating on electronic information, biological medicine, new energy and other strategic emerging industries; Support Kang Yao electronic increasing investment, innovation and development, optimize the product structure, expand enterprise scale, efforts to forge a province the Kang Yao electronic famous electronics industry demonstration enterprise; Support yangshao liquor do best brand, and strive to & other Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; In the existing at the end of the 1. On the basis of 800 million output doubled; Support the tigers food expand scale, production capacity to ensure that 8 million new cases this year, the output value reached 1. 2 billion yuan, through the engines, attract more food processing enterprises in food industrial park, realize the cluster development, strive to & other Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; At the end of the county food gross industrial output value reached 3 billion yuan. Actively guide refractory material of building materials, machinery manufacturing, transform and upgrade traditional competitive industries such as accelerating transformation, to form a new pillar as soon as possible, provide strong support for industrial development. Supported by project construction, implement the strategy of large projects to drive. Strongly promoting the construction of major projects, and focus our 45 key industrial projects, ensure the huaneng 2 & times; 350000 mw cogeneration, ChengMing photoelectric 47 tons of new photoelectric materials, datang Zhao Zhuang 130000 mw wind power project put into operation as soon as possible, a batch of major industries such as forming capacity; Put up with such characteristics of stainless steel casting and plumbing sanitary ware products industrial park; In such as the full support of huaneng group fire, heat, wind, light new energy base; Strongly encourage east hope 1 million tons of aluminum oxide, 800000 tons of alumina YiXiang aluminium the extension, 2 & times; 300000 kw low calorific value of coal power plants and other major project prophase; Strive for a total investment of 2 billion yuan of Shanghai morning of mau group energy saving, environmental protection, such as engine manufacturing contract project early fall to the ground; Accelerate the investment of 500 million yuan of founder technology new material project, tianjin zhiyuan group titanium aluminium chromium circular economy industrial park, Beijing, group investment of 800 million yuan of 300000 tons of high-end amorphous refractory material and so on a number of big projects, on real project on the big, big project, tuning structure, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading. We have learned, & other; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; Mian pool will unswervingly adheres to industry leading position, relying on the leading industry and resource advantage, prolong the industry chain, transform and upgrade traditional pillar industries, vigorously develop high growth industry, to develop strategic emerging industries, to speed up the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading, constantly build scientific rationalization of industrial structure, industry layout, industry agglomeration of modern industrial system, strive to make the county gross industrial output value reached 100 billion yuan, the proportion of the added value of strategic emerging industries in industry increased to more than 20%. ( Wu Yanju QuZhiYuan)
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