May be a history of jin huang found Canada Klondike biggest main vein to the surface

by:AAG     2020-11-07

oilprice site on Monday ( On August 21) Said, since the gold rush, the mining from located in Canada's Klondike dug 20 million ounces of gold, but they haven't been found back billions of dollars worth of bedrock. Recently a famous geologist Peter Tallman using the latest technology aluminum manufacturers and machine bit found may be gold prospectors have been struggling to find the Klondike main vein. This discovery will become the legend in gold story, Klondike for centuries this piece of land of gold dream seems to come true. Expected before November, will every 1 - Klondike 2 weeks for big news release. An existing plan of 80 drill hole is completely financing, 3030 industrial aluminium profile will be completed before late October. Klondike is left on the earth's largest chemical vision, beside the Kaminak has been buy gold giant Goldcorp to 50 million. If Tallman findings confirmed by operation, the mining giant will enter ownership.
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