Material characteristics of APS workbench | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-09

Xu Xiuyue APS aluminum workbench basic order process is: provide detailed requirements and size, characteristics and requirements, etc. , used in Shanghai than di will have professional technical personnel according to the requirements of customers design, drawing, and then confirm scheme drawings to the customer, there is no problem and began to arrange delivery or distributed processing production, assembly, according to customer's specific requirements and the specific circumstances. APS solid aluminium profile, any structure can be neat, simple and quick assembly, all profiles after anodic oxidation treatment, surface without further processing, related products adopts the modular size, compatible with special series. Main material for aluminum and related accessories, stage face plate USES is density board and anti-static skin, also can choose according to load and use different other kinds of plank, such as requiring higher APS is generally selected green impact resistance composite work stage desk panel: 1. Surface is 2 mm thick polymer material, make the desktop acid |, oil resistant, wear resistant 2. Adopting the high-pressure fiberboard, middle desktop has more impact. 3. Special circular table Angle, is not easy to impact damage. 4. 50 mm thick desktop can be installed directly vise. 5. Has 30 mm and the thickness of 50 mm optional 6. PVC glue sealing around 7. Regular size is: W1200 * D750 W1500 * D750 W1800 * D750 W2100 * D750 units: mm, economic and practical.
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