Maike: futures metal general adjustment, focus on support

by:AAG     2020-11-07

on Friday, China's stock market surged, 3300 for the integer cycle stocks rise reflects the relevant goods for a long time to maintain a strong confidence. The international aspect, the White House said to accomplish tax cuts this year. Lu: xingcai a recent low, fell $technically there may be a new round of fall. Europe and the robust economic growth, particularly in Europe to rapid economic growth, driven by a weak dollar and high stock market optimism remains the same. Sharp fluctuations in domestic goods, affected by environmental protection policy of restricting output than expected black goods had surged, but exchange on Friday to limit positions, hot rolled aluminum policies to crack down on speculation the bulls' intentions obvious, and the National Development and Reform Commission on Friday to approve a batch of advanced coal production capacity to resume production, affect long sentiment, Friday night plate of industrial products generally underweight. Advanced coal production capacity is already clear, though, because coal development and reform commission (NDRC) think the red line of more than 600 yuan, the author thinks that the policy surface is don't want to suddenly and violently to fry, but supply-side reform and limit production of environmental protection policy major decisions such as its seriousness and not to change it. Therefore environmental protection such as steel, coke, aluminum electric aluminum to leak the variety of approaches a strong pattern will not change. Short-term look at overall underweight, may price shocks slightly. Copper prices are relatively stable, acquisition of copper hit a record high, closing at 6750, with flat, Shanghai copper in touch down after 53000, to reduce holdings to 700000 men. Due to this week's copper continued to pull up, domestic imports losses increase, the Shanghai exchange inventories for the second consecutive weeks thousands of tons, the current inventory was lowered to 18. 70000 tons, while maintaining the momentum of rapid decline in the London exchange inventory, at present the two cities stable cash discount, stock traders reduce more works. End of September, but is about to enter the domestic high temperature weather and environmental impact gradually weakened, consumption will gradually recover, and downstream affected by the price surge, the inventory is low, back stronger replenishment requirements. So prices likely to remain concussion pattern of strong, short-term need to adjust the solid back, in addition the midline perspective the rose is bigger, further back to high risk and downstream suggest on-demand procurement. Shanghai aluminum fell on Friday, in a short period of time heavy ing prices also need time to digest. Aluminum supply end more hype theme, illegal capacity closures, aluminum oxide, carbon price, environmental protection to leak more strict than expected on factors such as block prices to fall. Keep an eye out for 16300 - technology 16000 platform support, back buy on dips stays the same.
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