Maike: futures first stock support metal

by:AAG     2020-11-08

maike futures: first stock to support China's stock market to continue to adjust Monday, metal, a new round of real estate regulation policy against real estate stocks over the weekend, and for the next stage of economic growth on the new shadow, due to capacity, restrictions on real estate market confused where is the new growth point. International, the us and the DPRK ZuiZhang upgrades, U. S. stocks fell, the rebound in the dollar and gold, there are reports that South Korea's small traders in the LME also affects the financing mortgage business, suggests that the market began to prepare for peninsula, the likelihood of conflict. Also yesterday Iraqi Kurdish autonomy referendum, stimulate the crude oil prices, pay attention to the Kurdish problem has become a new Middle East the powder keg. Aluminum manufacturers crude upside risks to increase recently. Black represents the macroscopic expected commodity and speculation wind direction, the recent popularity has been driven down the main index. But note that coke since October will leak into the heating season, tangshan and weekend announced heavy pollution limit production, focus on reducing the supply market sentiment may start to turn attention, speculative short atmosphere. Falling demand concerns also down long mood, non-ferrous metals. Common non-ferrous metal from Monday to Friday's rally in panic, but strength is limited, copper closed at 6480, recently holdings continued, or reflect the price down, snap up long-short funds are short-term evacuation, temporary no large fluctuations. Domestic backwardation expanded to 100 yuan of above, the downstream the dips to buy goods, and traders have rised. Copper position is still falling, but near a long vacation, Shanghai also hints at the downstream is only purchase spot, is not interested in aluminum manufacturers more stock. Season, demand side, the copper grid order increase, consumption rose still picks up, combined with domestic inventories, maintain premium spot, support more apparent. But weak macro cause long hype will drop, and the early too great net long positions may continue to adjust, the lack of new catalyst, copper prices to find a new equilibrium interval, continue to range trade process. Suggest downstream the dips to buy goods, midline trend still need longer time to brewing, temporarily is given priority to with short-term between zones. Aaron zinc backwardation yesterday to expand to $60, pull the zinc prices surged. Aaron, zinc or crowded warehouse intentions, however, such a high premium will attract shadow inventory back also need to be vigilant. Shanghai zinc extreme low inventory and high premium support for the zinc price consolidation, in the fourth quarter two zinc supply decrease, the speculation on the follow suit the characteristics of the steel, the influence of the macro negative larger, zinc aluminum manufacturers may limit price height, 26000 above the recent pressure, low long attention range high turnover. Stock market: A shares fell, continuing the crude oil: rose, focus on the Middle East geopolitical risks, up $: small gains, the us and the DPRK concern to strengthen, pay close attention to rebound in copper: 50600 - 50200, copper prices stabilise, ready for the support, a slight rebound in aluminum: 16800 - 16600, low of stock, but too much cash discount after may have pressure, if no new distributed message prices will remain tight trading range, low buy goods don't chase high zinc: 25400 - 25200, a high premium support zinc prices, but two suppress hype height reduction of supply and demand, focus on 26000 pressure, short pay more attention on high in hand don't chase
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