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Luoyang made aluminum sheet with foil production capacity both to occupy the domestic half | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-09

chinalco net news recently, the province aluminium processing technology exchange meeting was held in the electricity holding group. The reporter learned from the meeting, our province aluminum production has ranking second in the country, & other; Luoyang made & throughout; Aluminum sheet with foil production capacity, production of both domestic & other; Half & throughout; 。 During the meeting, representatives from the province more than 30 aluminum processing enterprises for technical communication, discuss aluminum processing industry development under the new situation. Conference, 2015, in henan province aluminum production is 9. 83 million tons, year-on-year growth of 8. And 1% of the national total of 18. 5%, ranking second in the country, has become one of important aluminum processing base in China. Entrants aluminum industry, electric holdings, such as for coal, electricity, aluminum associated companies use their own advantages, to the field of aluminum alloy processing large-scale investment, continuous introduction of foreign high-end production line equipment or high-end aluminum alloy ( Mainly concentrated in the area of strip foil, The aluminum sheet with foil production equipment to achieve the international advanced level, the output of aluminum sheet with foil and capacity to occupy the domestic & other; Half & throughout; 。 Industry constantly improve the level of integration, the scale gradually revealed. Entrants aluminum processing high-end food packaging materials, smoke foil material into the market in succession, the aluminum foil blank also exported to South Korea; The electricity holding group to complete the enterprise restructuring, opens the collectivization operation mode of private enterprises, through the subordinate two aluminum processing enterprises implement the integration management, make Long Ding aluminum aluminum processing the monthly output stability in more than 20000 tons, to achieve the economies of scale. The meeting after the election, determine the electric group luoyang Long Ding aluminium co. , LTD for aluminum processing association of units of henan province. ( Zhiwei zhao speaking) Esd workstation with aluminum or steel workbench with 1 mm aluminum can
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