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by:AAG     2020-11-09

workshop workbench is one of the important props production factory, workshop, also known as the workbench, the workbench production workbench, assembly line, used for manufacturing the product assembly, processing, testing, etc. Enterprise can be made according to their own need to sitting, standing type workbench. APS aluminum workshop workbench, the use of the APS industrial aluminum according to customer needs, environmental factors and so on, according to the principle of ergonomics, design workbench is most conforms to the production environment, shape legs, desktop, tools, kanban, lighting, cooperate with props and so on all can design according to the actual situation adjustment. APS aluminum by high-precision processing production equipment, precision can reach 0. 2mm。 Suitable for all kinds of products factory, workshop assembly, processing, testing part. Widely used in automotive, electronic, electrical and other industrial processing production-oriented enterprises. Shanghai than di industrial aluminum company as the industry leader, with tens of thousands of kinds of product case, services more than 5000 Chinese and foreign enterprises, 4 cooperate with China's manufacturing industry. 0.
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