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by:AAG     2020-11-15
Aluminum alloy stamping because the material is relatively soft metallic iron, expensive, easy to fracture and parts of aluminum alloy products is subject to subsequent processing, such as drawing, anode processing, etc. , at the top of the stamping production especially prone to injury, scratch, industrial aluminum in the mold manufacturing to pay special attention to the following points: 1. For does not affect the number of engineering cases, punching punching row behind engineering as far as possible, even for punching large number of products also can consider to do a project to punch in the behind. 2. Aluminum material is soft and the mould is easy plugging material, therefore, in the design of the mould material thickness 10% gap clearance time with bilateral, straight edge deep with 2 mm is more appropriate, taper to 0. 8 - 1 ° as appropriate. 3. Bending forming, because of aluminum material in bending prone to crumbs, causes some injury, indentation, the aluminium raw material need to stick a PE film, under the condition of the roller and electroplating, forming block to polishing hard chrome plating is preferred. 4. On the anode after processing stampings, such as there are 180 °, planish, bulldozed process product can not be completely pressing, pressing can produce vomit acid phenomenon, completely is 0. 2 - 0. 3 mm seam so that acid smooth out in time, so the process on this have to do the limit block and calibration mode is higher than the mold. 5. Because of aluminum material is crisp, easy to crack, especially on the edge of reflex, so try not to do, even if to do, also want to do the line pressing a little wide, lighter. 6. All aluminum blade are required to use wire cutting, in case the burr and blanking bad phenomenon, industrial aluminum aluminum easy to generate heat, so the punch hardness above 60 ° is required, at least in SKD11 material, there shall be no D2 arithmetic punch. Aluminum material is soft, so at the top of the stamping production susceptible to injury, crushed, scratches, deformation, except when required to do in the mould, during the stamping production to do the following: 1. To aluminum stamping will do a good job, reduce the defective rate, the first thing to do 5 s, especially clean, including die, punch mesa, assembly line and packaging materials must be no sharp debris, no clear dirt regularly rectification, the mold must be cleaned up and down, without sundry. 2. Found product burr must send a larger mold maintenance and rush to the results. 3. Aluminum fever, more easily and backlog together to harden, therefore when punching blanking need to put some pressure on material pull oil ( Can heat dissipation, and can successfully blanking) clear Press again. 4. Punching type more products need to be clear the surface of mould, do mould, industrial aluminum products and clean without sundry, reduce injury, found that the top wounded the top must be point to find and solve the problem to continue production. 5. Bulldozed mold block can produce aluminium crumbs, so the push block every finish production must be cleaned push block below aluminum scrap.
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