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by:AAG     2020-11-15
Aluminum extrusions, aluminum rods by hot melt, extrusion, resulting in different cross section shape of aluminum material. Aluminum production process including casting, extrusion and coloring process. Among them, the color mainly includes: oxidation, electrophoresis coating, fluorine carbon spraying, powder spray, wood grain transfer printing process.
there are two kinds of surface treatment of the common: 1. Anodized aluminum 2. Electricity of aluminum coating.

aluminum how to identify strengths and weaknesses? From the following three aspects: test
1. - oxidation film thickness - - - Thickness is not enough, easy to rust and corrosion of aluminum. Construction of national standard aluminum oxide film thickness should be not less than 10 um ( Micron) 。 And the name and address, production license, certificate of aluminum, the thickness of oxide film only 2 to 4 um, some even no oxide film. According to expert estimates each reduced by 1 um oxide film thickness, profile can reduce the power consumption cost of more than 150 yuan per ton.
2。 Chemical composition - - - Incorporating a large number of miscellaneous aluminium, aluminium scrap aluminum can greatly reduce the cost, but can lead to aluminum chemical composition is unqualified, seriously endanger the engineering safety.
3。 Material thickness - - - Drawing is roughly the same size, such as section dimension, groove width and center bore, but wall thickness difference is very big, weight naturally differ greatly, the price of each corresponding is very wide also.
in addition, a substantial reduction in inferior aluminium profile closed time, reduce the loss of chemical reagents, cost down, but the material also has improved corrosion resistance.
4。 The manufacturer - - - - Large aluminum plant, raw materials, production process specification, quality control strictly, processing natural a lot higher than the small manufacturer and toll fee can vary - 2000 3000 / ton. Scaling down is 2 - 3 yuan/kg.

in recent years, with the improvement of industrial level, industrial aluminum used more and more popular. Sales also presents the diversification, price disparity is very big. Don't customers, who will simply from price lowest to choose aluminum sales company. This has forced some companies adhere to the quality of from lowering the cost of raw materials and processing to ensure sales, market turmoil has become increasingly obvious.
city industrial equipment co. , LTD. , has been to keep quality first sales concept, insist to do business for a long time, think that providing high quality products and meticulous service. We keep on saving energy and reducing consumption and control unnecessary costs, efforts to reduce the customer's purchasing cost, as much as possible for customers to provide quality and cheap products. Hope to get new and old customers to understand and support!
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