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by:AAG     2020-11-15
1, 6063606, 3 A, 6463 A, 6060 industrial aluminum profile. In addition to the widely used for building doors and Windows and curtain wall structure and decoration materials, also used as indoor furniture, bathroom, large amounts of radiator, elevator handrails profiles and general industrial use of tubing and rod.
2, 6061606 aluminum alloy industrial profiles. Mainly used as a cooler, container plate, truck chassis parts, ship the upper structure, railway vehicle structure, the structure of large lorries and other mechanical components.
3, 6106 aluminum alloy industrial profiles. Widely used in all kinds of requirements corrosion of tubes, rods and bars.
4, 6106610 1 B aluminum alloy industrial profiles. Dedicated to the production high intensity electric bus, all kinds of conductive materials.
5, 6005 aluminum alloy industrial profiles. Mainly used for ladder, TV antenna, TV launcher, etc.
6, 6005 a aluminum alloy industrial profiles. Used in the production requirement the intensity is high, the cross section of complex high speed train, subway, light rail, double trains, the key of the modern transportation, such as luxury bus, industrial materials, used in large overall appearance of the vehicle structure, important mechanical parts, and large decorative parts.
7, 6351 t6 aluminum alloy industrial profiles. Extrusion structure used for highway transportation and high strength requirements such as gas, oil and water pipes.
8, other aluminum alloy industrial profiles. Such as 2024. 7075 high strength aluminum alloy profiles, bars, is also developing, and proposed a new vertical quenching furnace and large pull machine, etc. , to adapt to the mass production.
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