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Lu: xingcai wholesale 6063-3060 T5 industrial automation line oubiao double groove

by:AAG     2020-11-12
Lu: xingcai wholesale 6063-3060 T5 oubiao industrial automation assembly line double groove application instructions applicable to stress and intensity bigger frame combination structure, its appearance with one-side fillet, surface anodic oxidation treatment, elegant appearance and corrosion resistance, it usually USES the M8 * 20 special high strength bolt elastic fasteners internal connecting method, solid and reliable, and is one of the most widely used industrial framework profiles. Industrial aluminium profile accessories: special-purpose semi-circular head bolt, flat machine bolts, cylinder head bolts, square nuts, shrapnel nut blocks, built-in fittings, special Angle of groove fittings, the strength of the profile Angle and Angle, profile Angle of 45 degrees, 135 degrees profile Angle, three-dimensional Angle connection, steering Angle, Angle of anchor pieces, hinge, lifting eyebolt, bevel fittings, groove fittings, T bolt, built-in fittings, elastic nut block, elastic fasteners, T nut block, diamond nuts, flange nuts, Angle of groove fittings, nylon hinge, slide block, Angle, Angle fitting, hinge, nylon cover plate, activities linked line industrial aluminum profile and accessories can be assembled into products processing: tool material ( Car) , work station, product specialized factory, workbench, product display, LCD panel, sun room, display cabinets, display shelves, shelves, machinery dust proof cover, product testing equipment, non-standard equipment, industrial enclosures, screen, plotter, testing equipment, biological laboratory equipment, rack, labeling machine, production line, production line for motor rotor, workbench stent, electronic products production line, assembly line and equipment protective barrier, LCD screen outer garment production equipment, instruments and equipment, office partition, screen, etc and personalized frame processing.
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