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Low cost, high yield of all aluminum intelligent solar tracking system | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-09

solar photovoltaic power generation has been considered by industry transformation and upgrading, clean energy optimization to one of the important renewable resources to solve the problem of haze. Photovoltaic industry development up to now, however, game industry is more and more big, the traditional photovoltaic stents have been saturated industry demands. In reducing the construction costs and improve efficiency of exploration on the road, photovoltaic (pv) manufacturers to upgrade for tracking system fixed bracket system, electricity so can increase 10% 30%, the industry created the new profit point. As one of the world's professional photovoltaic power system supply, new energy industry in China has been walking in the world technological frontier, provide professional intelligent solar tracking system to the market products and services. However, our country in the new energy vision is not limited to this. In the United States and Australia and other countries, from the transport to the installation and maintenance, labor costs are relatively expensive. Under the condition of the transformer is the cost of materials, how to cut down labor costs become important research problem of the pv manufacturers. I will be on the market, have seen and the common all-steel pv tracking system upgrade into intelligent full aluminium solar tracking system. All aluminum intelligent solar tracking system, in contrast, more portable, can save handling and installation costs, improve the efficiency of the whole construction; The other system components never rust, more beautiful in general; After 25 years at the end of the pv system operating at the same time, the recovery rate of aluminium alloy is as high as 80%, also can plant greatly value, create benefits for the industry further. Dynamic to focus on cutting-edge technology, focus on industrial field, the APS industrial aluminum hot industry news event for you. Relevant recommendations: Shanghai industrial aluminium profile, industrial aluminum manufacturers, industrial aluminum prices
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