Aluminum tube and square

Long-short game Shanghai aluminum out of a deep V

by:AAG     2020-11-06

Shanghai aluminum morning open to 14230 yuan/ton, short active pressure after opening prices quickly down low hit 14150 yuan/ton, low long entry support actively, pushing up the Shanghai aluminum repair declines, aluminum afternoon bull pulled is enlarging the scale of admission prices sharply upward once turned red reach 14260 yuan/ton, then long-short game under the Shanghai aluminum fluctuated violently closed at 14225 yuan/ton, turnover increased to 130090, 16836 to 244286 hand more holdings. Shanghai aluminum below average, though a strong support, but need to be mindful high short selling, the Shanghai aluminum platform up, long-short game increasingly fierce, to capacity policy background, the main Shanghai aluminum is expected to contract remain high and volatile, aluminum or next week will run from 14100 ~ 14350 yuan/ton. ( Shanghai non-ferrous nets Wang Rui)
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