Aluminum tube and square

Long-short factors interweave, shock view into the main melody

by:AAG     2020-11-06

suddenly ushered in July, last week, the Shanghai aluminum main 1708 contract showing sideways movements, weeks, or 0. By 07% to 13945, Aaron aluminum rose 2. By 41% to 1911. For aluminum prices this week forecast, concussion point again into the main melody, analysts accounted for about half the aluminum bearish analysts compared dropped sharply last week, and bullish analysts have increased. For bullish analysts, last Friday may have before the news of shandong suffered 21 trade friction, the amounts 4. 300 million dollars, aluminum foil for the first time to suffer anti-dumping countervailing investigation. At the same time, the U. S. department of commerce secretary said the government would trump released by the end of June about import aluminum products & other; Throughout 232 survey &; Results report, the United States aluminum downstream processing enterprises strong opposition may be good news, prices are expected to have higher expectations. The bearish analysts view, high inventory spot and futures, and in increasing trend, combined with the aluminum enterprises profit space is still large, aluminum electrolytic aluminum production expansion has strong power. In excess capacity and processing off-season, the market of aluminum foil in July price have cut space. On Wednesday, the ministry called 10 companies such as chinalco, weiqiao group held a meeting, it is understood that the meeting is to understand in the first half of the electrolytic aluminium enterprise operation is given priority to, not involving the electrolytic aluminium production specific goals. Of course, the ministry for electrolytic aluminium production capacity to policy is firm support. Aluminum 30, China's official PMI data, the official PMI index of 51. 7, 11 consecutive months in line from above, the production and new orders index rose sharply last month, Chinese manufacturing sector continued to expand, from the side reflects the degree of China's manufacturing boom rebounded significantly. In the face of long-short factors interweave situation, most analysts chose concussion.
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