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Large supply of assembly design workbench

by:AAG     2020-11-13
Supply line and the design scheme of the workshop with aluminum assembly line assembly line, industrial aluminum co. , LTD. , main products and accessories, figure to build all kinds of aluminum products, product promotion, non-standard workbench, assembly line table, office furniture, machinery and equipment frame, stents, placements, the test bed, different stages, kanban, trolley, warehouse material engraving machine frame, mesh plate frame, aluminum plastic box, energy-saving lamp box, aluminum work table, press the aluminum material, electrical equipment aluminum bracket, etc. ; Stainless steel workbench: widely used in GMP pharmaceutical GMP workshop, food GMP workshop, electronic semiconductor dust-free workshop, precision instruments and meters, cell culture, flower seed, food, daily chemical, biological engineering, colleges and universities and various types of laboratory and other various industries and scientific research, and can put products, tools, can according to customer demand production of various types and sizes. With stainless steel table, stainless steel trolleys and anti-static stainless steel workbench, anti-static stainless steel cart to choose from, with the following features: 1. All stainless steel, no dead Angle, easy to clean. 2. With plastic anchor ( Castor) To prevent scratches on the ground. 3. Can adjust a foot to adjust the water supply line and design scheme of aluminium profile production line, workshop in line 5. Desktop can paste antistatic radio pad. 6. Work table can cooperate hangs Taiwan and electrical accessories, supplies of high quality aluminum, industrial aluminum, 4545 silver aluminum brand and assembled into a variety of different USES of test table, and also can make special design according to the actual needs of customers. Stainless steel table Yu Chaojing personnel shall apply. Anti-static stainless steel table, desktop radio antistatic mat, also can configure static anti-static wrist band timely guide go, anchor adjustable desktop height less than 50 mm, generous beauty of appearance. City co. , LTD. Supply line and design scheme of aluminium profile production line, workshop in line 0755 - welcome to inquire 27333717
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