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June bauxite imports surge in first-half well packaged | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-06

according to the import customs data show that in June 2017, China imported 6. 89 million tons of bauxite, year-on-year surge in 97. 15%, year-on-year increase of 27. 32%, continue to record over the past two years; In the first half of China's total imports 32. 02 million tons of bauxite, year-on-year increase in 27. 32%. Within a month of strong demand in the Chinese market under the pull of the main import source of supply, including guinea bauxite to an all-time high, Australia, Malaysia have both hit a year high, coupled with India, Brazil, Solomon, Jamaica, Montenegro, and other countries of the small and stable supply, China's imports of bauxite markets well packaged in the first half of the year. Guinea imports rose during the month of 131. By 06% to 274. 30000 tons, yoy increase 21. 04%, significantly more than 2. 38 million tons of imports of Australia, to maintain the first import market; In the first half of China's total imports guinea bauxite, 12. 18 million tons, an increase of 167. 59%. Both won the league two port in April after full production, 3 million tons of monthly load has been successfully transported to the port, in accordance with the expected speed, annual 30 million tons of imported target must achieve. Australia imports that month year-on-year surge in 41. By 59% to 237. 70000 tons, year-on-year increase of 23. 55%; Australian iron ore 11. 64 million tons, in the first half of China's total imports rose 22. 21%. Malaysia imports during the month of 91. 60000 tons, the year-on-year surge in 304. 64%, year-on-year increase of 27. 27%, continue to refresh the highs; In the first half of China's total imports ore 3. 37 million tons, Malaysia fell 35. 27%. Although bauxite mining ban extended to the end of the year, but major miners were stable shipment, is expected to Malaysia in July there are nearly 800000 tons of imports. India bauxite imports declined during the month to 31. 80000 tons, an increase of 476. 44%, fell 18. 6%; In the first half of China's total imports 1. 64 million tons of bauxite, India aluminum manufacturers compared to the large reduction of 51. 49%. At present the market demand is relatively stable, but the return of Indonesia and guinea in late will inevitably affect India ore supply. Brazilian imports recovered slightly to 20 during the month. 70000 tons, fell 49. 17%; In the first half of China's total imports of Brazilian bauxite, 1. 38 million tons of year-on-year decline in 11. 18%. From Brazil bauxite imports in recent months and the actual situation, this year Brazil imports must be less than last year. That month imports soared to 20 that hit the Solomon islands. The 30000 tons, a record; In the first half of China's total imports 620000 tons of bauxite Solomon. Brazil's high quality bauxite supply drop, in part to Solomon of high aluminum low silicon ore formation. In addition, the month also maintain import a ship Montenegro bauxite in our country.
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