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Jiangsu check 'DeTiaoGang' fight the resurgence

by:AAG     2020-11-07

- August 21 25, a trawl supervision & other; DeTiaoGang & throughout; Action is jiangsu throughout. And goal was very clear, is to prevent & other; DeTiaoGang & throughout; The resurgence, aluminum accessories at the same time urged haven't complete the task of this year's steel production capacity to grasp the progress. Jiangsu province is the largest iron and steel, in recent years, the industry's main business income, the main products of the production of ranks the second, second only to hebei. 。 On May 15 to 19, the national inspection had to jiangsu to carry out the ban & other; DeTiaoGang & throughout; Aluminum fence specific inspection. According to the National Development and Reform Commission of jiangsu province, the province of the 13 cities have 10 had produced & other; DeTiaoGang & throughout; , a total of investigation & other DeTiaoGang & throughout; Total capacity of 12. 33 million tons, 63 enterprises and have been all banned according to the central clearing. However, in the steel market, steel prices rose against a background of industrial aluminum selection manual individual companies could benefit drive against the wind. At this point, the general office of the government of jiangsu province issued meiden physical, for the province to prevent & other; DeTiaoGang & throughout; Resurgence, industrial go Taiwan steel production capacity and reduce coal comprehensive supervision and the signals to the outside world is very clear, consolidate the outlaw & other DeTiaoGang & throughout; Existing achievements, the campaign against illegal business enterprise as a long-term task, resolutely prevent & other; DeTiaoGang & throughout; The resurgence. The move by the National Development and Reform Commission, aluminum fence via letter committee, energy bureau, supervision bureau, industrial aluminum led selection manual department of environmental protection and live built hall, of working group, respectively the inspector went to the city divided into districts. Aluminum parts inspection will be randomly in selectiving examination ( Workers) Frequency furnace, check has banned & other; DeTiaoGang & throughout; Manufacturers of intermediate frequency furnace, power frequency furnace flow and enterprise transformation, check new screening ( Workers) Screening frequency furnace and disposal situation, and check whether there is a violation under production equipment such as electric furnace cover production behavior regulation, etc. At the same time, will review in the local screen control ( Workers) Enterprise basic frequency furnace parameter, and so on and so forth. At the same time, the inspection has not yet completed the task of this year's steel production capacity to work progress. Include: whether the overall plan, has been carrying out the work and the problems existing in the industrial aluminum fence, in the second half and next year's work plan and specific protection measures, etc. For this year has been completed the task of iron and steel production capacity to area, check the relevant follow-up work progress. Including: personnel placement, debt disposal, prize for allocation of funds use, exit and flow to the related production equipment. According to have the public list, & other; DeTiaoGang & throughout; A total of 63 enterprises, nine to production enterprises. In the list to production enterprises, has many big companies, such as: shagang group, industrial aluminum type manual to quit the equipments & other; 75 t eaf & times; 1' , in the first half of the exit capacity of 830000 tons. The government of jiangsu province, an official said on & other DeTiaoGang & throughout; Supervision, strengthen supervision, leave no dead Angle, at the same time, to guide the transformation and upgrading of iron and steel enterprises, and optimize the industrial structure, promote industrial high premium.
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