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Japanese companies enhance information | | aluminum product structure in automobile industry

by:AAG     2020-11-09

seize the emerging markets the development trend of automobile lightweight, energy conservation and emissions reduction, Japan two big metal aluminum company is planning to expand product structure. Kobe steel ( KobeSteel) Plans to invest about $93 million to plant is located in the United States and China's aluminium factory ( Aluminum manufacturers) 。 Factory mainly produces aluminum squeeze, used in car body parts such as bumper and chassis parts, etc. Factory is located in the United States will be completed and put into operation next year will be the company's first production complex. The factory production of aluminum parts than the auto makers are materials used in solid, but lighter. It is reported that KobeSteel factory production this kind of material will be at the end of the year, overseas production plan starts at the end of the ten. Tokyo UACJ aluminum company plans to build two is devoted to the door and car plate production line in vitro. Two production lines are to go into production in this the end of the decade, the total cost is about 3. 400 million dollars. Connectkentucky aluminum ( Constellium) Existing product lines and UACJ group plans to begin production in the summer. The new production line design production capacity of 100000 tons. Once the two new production line put into production, total 3 production lines can achieve 300000 tons annual production capacity is expected. Japan, the United States and European auto makers will use more and more aluminum in automobile production. By the end of the ten metal demand is expected to be 10 times in the north American market.
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