Investment group of qinghai qiaotou aluminum electric company in August to liquid aluminum production overruns complete | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-07

as safe environmental protection, production and operation, the deepening of the three big party construction inspection, qinghai qiaotou aluminum electric company branches at the scene of the production vigorously regulation environment, aluminum frame clear party construction at the same time, combining Huang Jinji battle in their clinging to the production and business operation task, aluminum frame will be three big check comprehensively advancing. At present, electrolytic aluminum, aluminum alloy, casting branch complete equipment project and maintenance work, as prices rise, this month production line running at full capacity. Deadline, qiaotou aluminum electric company this month to complete the liquid aluminum production 21500 tons, beyond the production of last month, to complete the production plan this month. With nearly 15500 tons of aluminum production, aluminum alloy frame finish nearly 6000 tons of aluminum production.
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