Investment essence futures: on September 12, early evaluation of non-ferrous metal

by:AAG     2020-11-08

after a sharp fall in the last week, on Monday, the copper market at home and abroad are adjusted, the hurricane in the final relegation and the UN security council against north Korea to achieve unified solution are slow the market pressure, the LME inventories, 4750 tons of cash discount to $18. But weak domestic copper on Monday, after prices did not attract consumer buying, the spot 10 - premium Traders have 50 yuan, the actual situation litres of water. In the off-season of strong data to the copper cable industry support, but the peak season this kind of situation can be sustained. In addition the first seven months of the year social financing balance incremental than early plan, is also worthy of attention in the future. Will be released this week social financing incremental and industrial production data, we wait for clear. From a technical point of view, we tend to copper is more than normal increase, the future possibility of callback. Can find good opportunities for short selling on the deal, but should be set stop loss. Nickel, nickel yesterday Aaron supported low. Spot, the LME nickel stocks decrease from 2100 to 382878 tons, discount to 72 highs. Five dollars. The domestic spot market in Russia with jinchuan nickel premium, market clinch a deal the whole flat. Nickel prices after the callback, the domestic high nickel iron market clinch a deal is cool, some traders inquiry yesterday near nickel iron price already as low as 950 yuan, markets wait-and-see mood is thicker. Nickel iron prices rebound after domestic nickel iron supply steady rebound, superposition in Indonesia import supplement, short-term is expected to domestic nickel iron supply overall prosperity. Stainless steel, trading has cooled since last week, the domestic stainless steel market, traders fear terminal high wait-and-see mood is generally higher, the price after the callback, the progress of the parts in the supplier has to speed up. Anti-static workbench later continue to focus on the domestic stainless steel inventory changes in society. Nickel prices tumbled after or adjust the demand, short-term supply shortage risk and the demand side is not yet clear, nickel pressure-bearing operation risk is bigger, temporarily try watching or higher empty on the operation, attention above 5, 10 - day moving average resistance. Zinc, environmental superintendent himself out of the south, the national games has ended, prices recover from. Zinc ingot social inventories continue to down, the current statistical less than 100000 tons. Downstream capacity utilization are greatly influenced by environmental, galvanized factory capacity for 69 last week. 62%, compared with the previous increase last week 0. 02%, capacity utilization is low, the late whether continuous attention galvanized fg inventory down, or in the subsequent two months, anti-static workbench zinc prices rising power is still strong. LME stocks to reduce 1375 tons, 240425 tons. The LME discount zinc 2. $25, the expansion of 0 yesterday. $25. The excess aluminum market, the fundamentals still policy surface is still strong, price into the strong shock range. Chinalco today shares were suspended, as one of leading enterprises in China's aluminium industry, expects its major changes will have certain influence to the market, pay close attention to its subsequent changes in assets. Approaches on September 15, anti-static workbench prices began to rebound up yesterday, technically still in shock range. Data today face insipid, changes in UK inflation data in August. The LME aluminium reduction of 1450 tons, at 1320050. The LME aluminium discount 30. 75 dollars, relatively narrow 3 yesterday. $25.
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