Investment essence 39 weeks aluminum weekly: high prices of raw materials to support after prices strong oscillation

by:AAG     2020-11-08

the market last week: this week the Shanghai aluminum main weak turbulence, Friday's close to 16345 yuan/ton, down to 1. 24%. Aaron aluminum also declined in high and volatile, 0. 98% to $2138 / ton. This week: this week the commodity market is thrilling, and rubber, black variety, by contrast, the Shanghai aluminum can calculate is very strong, closed down the week 1. 24% to 16345 yuan/ton. Henan zhengzhou and anyang limit production plan releasing fall and winter heating season, the production period and one month in advance, from October to next march as the production period, the market response to the news. But aluminium stock or showed signs of turning point, aluminum rod stock has been falling for two weeks, bauxite supply constraints, alumina and pre-baked anode prices still remain high, have more data showed that aluminum fluoride production fell in August 4. 11%, the price of raw materials to provide strong support for aluminum prices, maintain high after holidays, aluminum prices is expected to maintain a strong shock. Upstream primary data changes: this week: this week the alumina prices trend gradually weak, alumina four weighted price of 3552 yuan/ton, 3507 yuan/ton increase over the week 45 yuan, or less. Import alumina price 50 yuan to 3450 yuan/ton. Near the National Day, alumina inventory heat fell this week, so this week, price fluctuation is not big. Domestic bauxite supply very nervous, meanwhile bauxite imports are also frequent accident, hydro companies released due to force majeure factors led to the decrease of the MRN ore production report, due to the raw material supply problem, is expected to travel space of alumina prices is still upwards. Pre-baked anode in east China prices remain near 4400 yuan/ton. Middle: aluminium stocks continue to remain high and volatile, but signs of decline, the inventory is reduced by 1 last week. 20000 tons to 159. 70000 tons of aluminum bar stocks dropped obviously, reduce 1 from last week. 70000 tons. Since the henan jiaozuo after heating season limit production in advance notice, henan zhengzhou and anyang also successively in 25 to 28, fall and winter air pollution comprehensive action plan, plan is put forward to 1 months in advance, from October to next march as the production period, its emissions limits and before the release of the scheme is essentially the same. Market response to information is not big, but high cost as support, prices are still firm. Downstream: compared with the aluminum production in China in August 9. 13 2%, in the same period last year. 3%; Aluminum year-on-year exports - in August 7. 1-69% August aluminum exports accumulated as compared to the number 5. 11%. From the end demand, 1 - Accumulated in the new site area in August compared with the data of 7. 6%; Automobile production from 1 August. 1-62% August accumulative total 4 compared to the car. 79%.
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