Introduction to decorative anodic oxidation material requirements need to pay attention to five

by:AAG     2020-11-10

decorative anodic oxidation, the demand for aluminium and aluminium alloy material is higher. Usually only pure aluminium, aluminium, aluminium magnesium, aluminum manganese alloy can be dyed with bright colors. For with high silicon, iron alloy, because of the oxide film obtained only with darker color dyed dark color. 99% of high purity aluminum or 5 a66 aluminum magnesium alloys. Parts by chemical or electrochemical polishing for sulfuric acid anodic oxidation can be obtained after colorless, transparent and shining membrane layer, can be dyed with various bright colors. 9% of the industry high purity aluminum and LT65 LT67 aluminum magnesium alloys. Third: for general decoration requirements of parts, other ingredients and impurities in the aluminium profile have a maximum allowable content requirements, the fourth: some aluminum alloy shall use reasonable specifications for heat treatment. Grain size on the structure and properties of oxide film has a certain influence. The coarse grain in the process of oxidation reaction uneven, often appear orange peel shape. Therefore, generally all want to aluminum has a fine grain structure. Fifth: choose aluminum appearance should not be a serious scratch, tissue defects and inclusions. Will affect the appearance of oxide film layer and the corrosion resistance.
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