Intelligent manufacturing is done, the enterprise should be how to deal with?

by:AAG     2020-11-07

smart manufacturing quietly come, aluminum manufacturer should be how to deal with? Intelligent manufacturing, in many cases, the customer does not know to want what, survey the needs of customers, satisfy customer needs is a false proposition, customer requirements put forward by the direct is often wrong! We focus on equipment manufacturing industry intelligence, behavior, preferring. Has emphasized the principle of three large, do not deceive, not strong, will not, to share. Dong beauty has a risk, not strong on wall on the strong system is a risk to the customer. But the customer is the system when the beauty. System may indeed be beauty, but the beauty is not suitable for you. A client find us say intelligent manufacturing to do first SAP ERP, the ERP do? Is to increase production capacity. Aluminum manufacturer site walk, talk, aluminum manufacturers think customer current levels can the ufida system with good also quite good, who said the new system on intelligent manufacturing must be? You have money, but also delay. Finally gave the customer BOM first basic data and planning system to optimize the aluminum manufacturers, in the friend did some secondary development to solve the short board ( Development and customer internal users make it yourself) Production capacity, as a result, the core product of 4 months increased by 50%. Isn't that good intelligent manufacturing? Cheerful mood, fall asleep by playing the whistle. Is quick to earn less, but long-term cooperation and win-win. If the optimization process is solved, don't touch system. If the system optimization to solve, not on the new system. If the software can be solved, don't on hardware. Don't will sometimes also advises clients more application system to solve the problems. Met a lot of customers to do the DNC system ( Network numerical control system) Is, DNC system? Do he do? Aluminum manufacturers equipment utilization data? Or good? How you have low utilization rate of equipment, fine? Or produce some parts have no matter to hold hands to play more? Have two customers to listen to advice, make a MES based application contain DNC, effect is good, very strong-minded customer, we give it up, why to do any business? I do feel heart luckily. Another customer, want to do some quality traceability system facade, vehicle makers audit requirements. But we can't do other things ah, a see based on automatic production line customers sincerely good, is also enough, connect the production line, the online quality detection, progress acquisition, logistics, pull all ready, the customer was happy, we are actually happier. It is he really don't understand, but I did not understand just dare to direct other people. Second, he know, fool other people don't understand. But no matter how, the people who do not know the future will understand, will eventually understand. And there for a software company in the same customers, in order to report missing parts, with all of the barcode, when to outbound aluminum manufacturers scan again when assembling, implementation report. Is this a simpleton, or thought that customer simpleton? Planning a national demonstration production line, we have two weeks to complete the layout, logistics, online testing, and even operation standard, customer feedback was somewhat surprised. Aluminum manufacturers say it's because there is no comparison, no surprise, friends do for more than a year, or some concepts. That bad then puts forward a concept, the two completely unrelated product mix in line, heard that the mixed line and get customer very identity of the user department. Well, if so, we really do not understand, in this line of thought, we can give it up, you do business, in fact, the most precious time.
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