industry leader in aluminum extrusions presents over 250 standard profiles to a multitude of industries

by:AAG     2020-03-05
With the increasing demand of aluminum extrusion industry for its environmental protection 100% Recyclability, the demand for high-quality aluminum extrusion profiles made in the United States is also increasing.
The development of the US Green Building Council USGBC is issuing tax credits for various manufacturing and construction work carried out using green friendly products.
Common extrusion such as aluminum corners, channels, panel Z clamps, decorative molding and decoration are qualified examples of green materials.
The number of leading positions in Energy and Environmental Design LEED is determined by many factors, including but not limited to the fact that materials must be manufactured in the United States, the type of material used for each item or product and the total percentage of green products.
You can find the details of these credits online or through your local USGBC office.
From the new building and transformation to the retail storefront and office furniture environment, aluminum profiles are a common product.
Using simple products such as aluminum channels or drawer handles can now bring additional benefits to the projects of US manufacturers and contractors.
Traditionally, aluminum profiles have become the choice of wood products stores and architectural design companies due to their value and strength-weight ratio, and the new green building movement has solidified aluminum profiles in all markets.
You can see the aluminum section around, such as aluminum channel, angle, decoration and molding.
From the use of inserting satin passages into the wall panel to the retro fan-shaped metal trim around the 50 diners table.
Initially, the history of aluminum placed demand for this relatively young alloy in the automotive industry, and since 1904 it has grown to include domestic aviation, electronics, commercial buildings and space exploration.
It is clear that there is more room for growth for aluminum, both manufacturers and contractors.
With this diverse background of aluminum extrusion profiles and the current demand to meet the global environmental movement, the demand for aluminum products from manufacturers and distributors is increasing.
The current demand comes at the time of the country\'s financial recovery, which puts pressure on consumers and enterprises to consume;
This puts high demands on competitive prices and timely delivery.
Aluminum dealers who are able to provide stock materials at competitive prices tend to win more projects than large manufacturers.
Willing to work with lead time and be able to deliver the product the next day, which allows contractors and manufacturers to streamline their finances while still meeting the target delivery and completion dates.
From the complex reverse propeller aluminum extrusion for space shuttles and jets, to the aluminum panel clips for hanging wall panels and other objects in commercial and residential spaces, aluminum has Solutions in every market.
The growth of aluminum proves the value of aluminum profiles and consolidates its position as a preferred product in a range of industries, along with suppliers such as Orange aluminum, the extruded aluminum products produced proudly in the United States are growing proudly.
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