Industry, die-casting aluminum can also be anodized!

by:AAG     2020-11-08

die-casting aluminum anodic oxidation of making a lot of suppliers have a headache. Have low than CNC machining cost, can directly in the production of profiled aluminum alloy die casting technology, which looks good, but its disadvantages is not well for anodic oxidation, make the surface of the good. This is because in the die casting aluminum silicon content is too high, after oxidation generates a layer of the surface of gray or even black. But for nearly a year, has a factory from material to overcome this problem, what is going on? What is the effect? Can use them directly? In answer to these questions, let's take a look at some of die casting aluminum anodic oxidation. First, the principle of die casting. Casting process is usually refers to the use of gravity for molten metal in the mould forming, is usually cast, but casting aluminum molding, die-casting aluminum is from the direct pressure on the aluminum alloy, somewhat akin to injection molding, aluminum alloy through a portal to the mould, fill the mould under pressure, finally forming profiled. At present, used in exterior pieces of aluminum alloy products are aluminum profiles, aluminum extrusion, such as 6063606 1 and 7 series aluminum alloy, this kind of aluminum profile density, good compactness, high hardness, anodic oxidation is easy to do. 6063 aluminum die-casting aluminum is different, generally speaking, both YL102 and YL112 die casting aluminum is due to the high silicon content, lead to will be shown after the anode surface defects. Aluminium alloy wire slot and magnesium alloy such as 302 will do anode in sulfuric acid, because of the doping of magnesium oxide film formation of white, not beautiful, and that the characteristics of magnesium makes products crisp fragile, limitation is very big. These problems are still with CMF designer of relevant industries. Silicon aluminum alloy ingot why consider die-casting aluminum anodic oxidation to improve product visual experience? To profile aluminium alloy applications in mobile phones, for example, after the production of aluminum alloy shell, only mechanical processing, with CNC alive to a piece of aluminum plate cutting into a following from aluminum trough, time cost and the cost of raw material loss is very big. And a following from die-casting aluminum production blank only need a minute, followed by CNC process, just pure CNC half or a quarter of the time can complete molding process. Aluminium alloy wire slot die casting aluminum which is able to replace the biggest advantage of CNC rough machining, if can do it well to the surface of the die casting aluminum visual effect, can in some areas in the lower half of the tooling cost. Want to do on die casting aluminum anodic oxidation, a direction is for aluminum alloy to design this kind of material. So, has aluminum alloy die-casting and anodic oxidation property can be now? Let's look at some pictures. Above two are already listed on the die casting aluminum anode products, if use aluminum profiles for, the cost will be very high, and product positioning does not conform to, and is not going to do some modelling aluminum profiles, such as some of the following parts. As you can see, on the surface of the die casting of aluminium alloy anode effect has a company can make, but visual effect is good. It is reported, this process is mainly aimed at aluminum alloy composition was improved, such as aluminum alloy are made is not containing silicon aluminium alloy, in the case of guarantee can make a good anode effect, add other material to improve the liquidity of aluminum alloy, can effectively fill the mold. Faults are, however, because of still is mixed with other ingredients to ensure the liquidity, the aluminum alloy surface is not as dense as high content of aluminum in aluminum alloy, also causes after anodic oxidation, surface polishing is less than the mirror effect. In addition, because the precision of the die casting, precision products still need to be modified later long CNC precision, it also need to consider when using this technology. Some summary of anodic oxidation of aluminum materials and matters needing attention with would be more appropriate? 1. Aliens, exterior decoration, especially the thin wall profiled, wall thickness can reach 0. 5毫米; 2. CNC processing the product with high cost, want to reduce costs can do blank with die-casting aluminum, aluminum alloy wire slot after using CNC to do adjustment, the anode; 3. The need for large quantities of products quickly, usually small pieces every 8 hours to die casting an average of 3000 to 8000. After anodic oxidation, surface can achieve what effect? Surface finish can do five to eight grade, namely can do 250 purpose of polishing surface, can realize double color oxidation. Is there any requirement of equipment and anode process? Ordinary aluminum die-casting machine can achieve, the product of anodic oxidation and the general profile of the anode process, is a slightly different conditions.
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