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by:AAG     2020-11-13
City industrial equipment co. , LTD is a professional engaged in the development design, production, sales and service as one of the manufacturers cell and automation equipment. Specializing in the production of manufacturing aluminum extrusion profile structure, aluminum extrusion type modularization accessories, automation equipment such as precise sliding table. Company main products: 1, professional production of aluminum frame ( Can according to customer's requirements by the use of aluminum, sheet metal, stainless steel plate of the lacquer that bake, the material such as PVC board, along with the complete modularization parts series, can rapid architecture according to the design requirements and processes all kinds of semiconductor devices, optoelectronic devices, dispensing equipment, electronic equipment, ultrasonic and automation machinery and equipment's coat) ; 2, the specialty is engaged in laser cutting, welding machine frame, organic plate engraving processing; 3, mechanical hardware accessories processing, sheet metal processing, fixture processing production; 4, sales of industrial aluminum and industrial aluminum parts 5, assembly cover, dust cover, the assembly line, work table, clean room, and other products. 6, aluminum mould, extrusion production ( According to customer requirements)
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