Industrial application in the field of aluminum in the aluminum Windows and doors | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-09

about aluminum everyone may know framework, workbench, protective cover, such as doors and Windows and doors is ignored part, then we can say those things about aluminum doors and Windows. First of all, the door can be divided into double open the door and open the door, if the size is not big, it is recommended to use APS - 6 - And APS - 1530 8 - 2040 b this two paragraphs, but cut bevel, convenient and reliable connection, or the APS door stopper, hinge and handle with metal and plastic hinge and handle, also can choose the door. Second, if the size is larger, the proposal chooses suitable profiles, it is best to match with the overall framework of the profiles, or is the same series profiles, hinge is recommended to use metal hinge, door and window in the plate can be according to the customer's own need to choose different colors and materials, plank slit size, if size is less than the need to increase the suitable sealing strip to be fixed, such as pillar is APS - 8 - 8080 profiles, APS - optional 8 - 4040 profiles, if the customer provide their own drawings, minus the size of the crack of the door, please, if you have any questions can be consulting Shanghai than di industrial aluminum co. , LTD. , professional design and processing aluminum, must be able to give you a satisfactory design.
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