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by:AAG     2020-11-08

industrial aluminum profile, aluminum in aluminum as the main composition of the alloy material, aluminum profile points a variety of different grades, in their different properties are used in different industries. 6063 - T5 brand of extruded aluminum is mainly used in industry, 6063 - T5 aluminum content is about 98. 5. Other silicon content of Si: 0. 38 - 0. 39, iron Fe: 0. 35, copper Cu: 0. 10, manganese Mn: 0. 10, magnesium Mg: 0. 47 - 0. 5, chromium Cr: 0. 10, zinc zinc: 0. 10, Ti Ti: 0. 10. 6063 - T5 aluminium profile features are: high hardness, strong bearing performance, long service life, beautiful, after surface oxidation treatment does not need to be welded, the environmental protection, and installation, disassembly, light and easy to carry and move is extremely convenient. Industrial aluminum as early as in some western developed countries are highly used in industrial production, the end of the 19th century was introduced into the Chinese market, the first in the domestic application of enterprises with foreign investment, more used in industrial machinery equipment frame, cover, equipment safety fence, production area partition, the partition framework, automated assembly line, assembly line workbench, material of frame, material etc & hellip; … Nowadays the industrial aluminum is not limited to the industrial field, it by its unique charm, take the place of the application of the steel and iron products has changed in the past, people awareness of aluminum. Every day aluminum has a new application, such as: aircraft maintenance platform, car fixture fixture, robot safety fence, large soilless cultivation of frame & hellip; … With aluminum now being used, the more people are beginning to demand for aluminum is also more. The appearance of the aluminium profile, bearing performance, application design, processing and installation effect, site construction services, etc. , are beginning to be seriously rise. And because a large part of the small and medium-sized enterprises, enterprise strength and part of the customer the general cognition of aluminum extrusions, only pay attention to the price, choose low-cost production, begin to product quality problems, customer complaints. APS aluminum choose a full range of imported equipment, advanced western technology, more than 10 years experience for customers to solve practical problems. The APS process of cooperation: fully understanding customer needs & rarr; The door measurements confirm & rarr; Reasonable design & rarr; Precise processing & rarr; The door installation APS is committed to & other; Do customer satisfaction with the enterprise and employees throughout the &;
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