Industrial aluminum oubiao fittings connection piece of glass plate fixed interval block 30/40 series

by:AAG     2020-11-11
City industrial equipment co. , LTD. , now commonly used industrial aluminum parts are: round head bolt, elastic fasteners, flat machine, cylinder head bolt, T bolt, flange nut, T nut, square nut blocks, elastic nut block, shrapnel nut block, built-in fittings, built-in fittings, Angle groove fittings, the power Angle and Angle profile Angle, three-dimensional Angle fittings, steering Angle, Angle of anchor pieces, hinge, groove fittings, face plate, flat sealing groove, handles, door stopper, connection between block, hinges, metal hinge, hooves, hooves, castor, composite metal casters, forma wheel, etc
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