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by:AAG     2020-11-10

industrial aluminum industry development and resolution of screen printing process industrial aluminum material design concept and use from Europe, it is special material to the system of China family added example is more desirable and more diversified design concepts. Compared with traditional materials, industrial aluminum does not rust, surface treatment of form, content change information can be independent, subsequent use of low cost, convenient in maintenance. Since landing China in 1996, after many material suppliers, design companies and advertising companies for many years of promotion and hard work, to now can be said to be used more widely. In some high-end requirements of unity stronger environment especially has been widely used in the hospital, quickly accepted by part of the environment and replaced the traditional copperplate etching, organic glass printing and other products. Aluminum industry development up to now has become a series is complete, a logo design good category. In China the first industrial aluminum is also begin from imitation products in Europe, but now as many companies into the industry to promote the rapid development of the he, the most important thing is that they are directed at China market has launched a series of successful identification system, the logo with Chinese characteristics has been formed in aluminum alloy industry, and some series has been successfully break into foreign markets. Industrial aluminum material advantage industrial aluminum is a kind of precious metal, itself has brushed metal texture, noble but not arrogant, and through some of the surface treatment, can have the special texture effect. 1, because aluminum plate light - the weight of every square metre of 2. 71 kg/mm, so the panel can be thick to 3 mm or more, greatly increased the font surface roughness; 2, not easy to rust - aluminum oxide is slow, and there will be no rust stains pollution wall; 3, color easy - easy to paint film adhesion, processing properly, surface durability a few can be comparable to car paint; 4, installation is convenient - because of the low weight, installation is much more portable. Industrial aluminum marks diversity application stage of industrial aluminum modular product because is the introduction of products, in a very long period of time in addition to modelling and function adapted to strengthen, in a variety of materials, the use of a variety of technology development on the relatively weak, and the demand of the market is more and more high, the customer in the convenient and practical need on the basis of the beautiful, have change, and so on, once again had to force the industry to aluminum alloy modular identification are studied, the use of diversification. This period of industrial aluminum module identifier features: aluminum alloy production profile of technological change are part of the diversification. Aluminum alloy with a variety of material combination, form a diversified industrial aluminum module type identification. Anodic oxidation, the original aluminum is adopt is the only white, after further change electrolyte to tan, the two main body color at home with more than a decade. With the improvement of aluminum processing technology, then introduced aluminum table flour after spraying technology, not only can spray all sorts of color, can also work out a variety of skin texture effect, thus for the development of aluminum alloy module identifier to brought a new life. Aluminum alloy logo development today, has produced very big change, industrial aluminum and acrylic, snow board, aluminum-plastic plate, glass, wood, artificial stone combination in the identification, and even a variety of materials used at the same time, the rich aluminum profile products.
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