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by:AAG     2020-11-08

cut matters needing attention of industrial aluminum construction industrial aluminum extrusion is introduced: open questions about industrial aluminum structure, let's do some Shared manufacturer for you in this. Because industrial aluminium profile is often used to contrast fine, about the length and cross section shape request contrast. To prevent the cutting Angle and length of banning. Rare burr. Progress itself precision carbide tooth saw blades and has a sharp edge, according to the section structure reasonable selecting saw blade thickness, pitch, strict control of the radial circular saw blade to beat, face round beating, blade width flatness, stress conditions of public servants and slice ( It is advisable to 3 mm) 。 Other as aluminum one of the key elements of sawing, sawing parameters selection is also special major, usually, sawing machine motor power is large enough, or simple stuffy car, saw cutting quality and cutting down power to '1000 mm to 1200 mm saw blade as an example, the motor power should be at the mercy of 30 kw. Saw blade peripheral velocity should be in the 50 m/s ~ 60 m/s; Feed rate should be in 10 ram/s - 400 - mm/s within the scope of stepless adjustable. To drown sawdust, smooth progress of saw blades and workpiece appearance curf appearance quality, can use oil-based coolant or emulsion for cooling blade.
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