Industrial aluminum frame aluminum line profile 3030 aluminum frame

by:AAG     2020-11-14
This shop all extrusion can be purchased whole root, the price according to 6 meters a calculation, also retail free cutting size ( More than 100 mm) Less than 100 mm the size of the charge 1 yuan 1 knife.

can custom make all kinds of aluminum frame, aluminum frame, 4040, 3030 aluminum frame, build all kinds of aluminum products, product promotion, non-standard workbench, pipelining workbench,
office furniture, machinery and equipment frame, support, placements, the test bed, different stages, kanban support, warehouse material trolley,
engraving machine frame, mesh plate frame, aluminum plastic box, energy-saving light box, aluminum work table, press the aluminum material, electrical equipment aluminum bracket, etc. ;
stainless steel workbench, etc.
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