Industrial aluminum extrusion parts aluminum flat article sealing groove aluminum flat seal 8 slots

by:AAG     2020-11-12
Applicable material: 4040, 4080, 40120, 40160, national standard, European standard profile. Oubiao main industrial aluminum profiles with 40 series this store, 20 series, series of 30, 40 series, 50 series, 60 series, 80 series, 90 series, industrial aluminum parts. Bolt, nut, Angle, hinge, caster, hooves, fittings, elastic fasteners, face plate, flat article sealing groove, the hinge of the event, activity, connection between blocks, end connection board and other industrial aluminum products. For industrial aluminum profile and accessories production is a company specializing in the production staff, to provide after-sales service, in terms of quality guaranteed, price is also more preferential in peer production aluminum manufacturers.
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