Industrial aluminum aluminum aluminum bar flexible pipe fittings lean pipe fittings line

by:AAG     2020-11-13
My company since 2013 since the wholesale and retail and sales strategy, overseas retail business lasts hot, a spurt of growth momentum.
according to the statistics, only in the middle of December and January 2014, has been to clinch a deal area are: Spain, Canada, Sweden, Germany, France, Mexico, the United States, Singapore and other countries and regions.
city industrial equipment co. , LTD. , lu: xingcai and accessories experts, the main products are: aluminum, industrial aluminum profile, aluminum accessories, lean line rods and accessories, and to undertake aluminum frame table lines, flexible working platform such as processing business. Welcome to inquire!
2020 aluminum, aluminum, 3030, 4040 aluminum, aluminum Angle code, T screw nut, groove seals, etc. , stock sales, lightning shipments.
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