Industrial aluminum aluminum aluminum accessories oubiao electrophoresis aluminum aluminum super thick aluminum frame equipment

by:AAG     2020-11-16
Industrial aluminium profile surface after oxidation, appearance is very beautiful, and to bear or endure dirty, once applied on oil pollution is very easy to clean, assembled into products, according to the different bearing with different specifications of the material, and USES the aluminum parts, does not need to be welded, the environmental protection, and installation, disassembly, light and easy to carry and move is extremely convenient. Industrial aluminium profile is mostly according to user's existing demand to develop, some industry development ability is strong, such as rail vehicle manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, etc. , but some small industry lack self development ability, or not realize industrial aluminum instead of active materials are available, and this requires enterprises to help users to develop alternative industrial aluminium profile, to do this, you need to go out to make detailed research material, from all walks of life to find a suitable for aluminum material to replace, through the development, can enlarge the market of industrial aluminum demand, especially in big industrial development, increase the market demand can reduce construction of large and super large extrusion line after the completion of the situation facing the fierce competition. To improve the overall industrial aluminum production technology. Most of industrial aluminum material, performance, size tolerance and so on all has the strict request, although industrial aluminum profits than architectural aluminum is high, but its production is also relatively large, difficult technical requirements are higher, especially complex wide flat thin wall of large industrial aluminum production technology, with foreign and larger gap. Need further efforts to improve the technical level, only increased the overall technology level, China's industrial aluminum can be in an advantageous position in the international competition, to create conditions for open up foreign markets, participate in international competition. With the continuous development of aluminum industry, more and more enterprise applications in industrial aluminum industry, there are a number of the rapid development of the enterprise is widely attention such as tianjin, Shanghai industrial aluminum enterprises is the key area of domestic professional production of industrial aluminum. With mold design and development, aluminum extrusion production and pipeline, transmission line equipment, industrial framework development installation, aluminum deep processing and other non-standard industrial aluminum products. After years of development we have perfect aluminum structure installation accessories. Various accessories design is reasonable, to improve the aluminum frame assembly of maximum efficiency, reduce the cost of customers all kinds of precision machinery processing equipment, can provide aluminum structure design, processing and assembling one-stop services. Closely with the market in recent years, China's aluminium processing industry and the needs of the development of the science make traditional aluminum machining material has gradually completed to modern aluminum material change, so China's aluminium processing material varieties have been great changes have taken place. The important characteristics of China's aluminium processing materials is to develop in the direction of high performance, high precision, energy-saving, environmental protection, many products has become a well-known brands at home and abroad, enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad on the market; Product quality improved steadily, the product standard is in the international advanced level, the major aluminum manufacturers in addition to production according to the national standards, can directly accept the order according to the standards demanded by the world's advanced countries. This shows that the aluminum processing material production has been further internationalization in our country, and to meet the national economy and science and technology, the various requirements of high-grade aluminum the major aluminum processing enterprises also made many corresponding internal supply technical standards.
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