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by:AAG     2020-11-16
Is one specialized is engaged in industrial automation equipment and industrial automation equipment research and development, design, manufacture, sales and after-sales service, integrity operation. Company products include: industrial aluminum profiles and accessories, automated production lines, non-standard logistics conveyor, plane and form a complete set of equipment, machine frame, guard, etc. Our company is engaged in the design, production of industrial aluminum, aluminum deep processing and matching fittings of professional manufacturers. Industrial aluminum is mainly used for all kinds of mechanical assembly framework, workbench and assembly line of the frame, etc. 。 The related fittings can complete the combination of various form, Angle connection. The characteristics of JM industry framework aluminum extrusion type: many varieties, complete specifications, suitable for all types of machinery; Without welding, adjust convenient size, easy to change structure; Strict size tolerance, form tolerance, high surface roughness requirements; Convenient and quick assembly work, high productivity; Improve product added value; The anodized surface, anti-corrosion, avoid spraying, beautiful and easy; Fittings complete, free assembly, solid and reliable; High mechanical properties, good rigidity, light weight, big tolerance. Fitting is a industrial aluminum framework supporting equipment products. Lu: xingcai must use fitting connection can be assembled into the product. The structure of products is various, profiles the connection between the form also is varied. Therefore, must have a variety of fittings to form all kinds of connection form. The characteristics of JM framework aluminum fittings: many varieties, specifications complete, can form all kinds of connection form; Strict line fitting size tolerance, tolerance, through strict inspection, to ensure the assembly precision requirements; Fitting types of surface treatment, galvanization passivation, shot peening, paint, plastic spraying, etc. , appearance beautiful and easy; There are several kinds of fittings to choose a connection; Different fittings with different connection strength, can be respectively used for connection of high, medium and low intensity, can satisfy the needs of all kinds of connections.
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