Industrial aluminum alloy framework aluminum deep processing of aluminum parts

by:AAG     2020-11-15
City industrial aluminum extrusion is one of the key manufacturers of domestic aluminum processing industry, is a collection of 'research, design, development, manufacture, sales and service' for the integration of science and technology innovation-oriented enterprises. Aluminum business project includes four major parts: 1 industrial aluminum and aluminum accessories production and sales of aluminium alloy frame and 2 lines, transmission line equipment development and installation of 3 4 non-standard aluminum deep processing of industrial aluminum products mold design and development; Aluminum production and sales of industrial aluminum specifications: 1530, 1560, 1640, 2020, 2040, 2060, 2080, 3030, 3060, 3090, 4040, 4080, 4545, 4590, 5050, 50100, 6060, 8080, 9090, 100100, etc; According to the points oubiao t trough aluminum, aluminum groove gb square groove aluminum; According to surface treatment can be divided into: oxidation, electrophoresis. The choose and buy of specifications varieties, to meet your different needs. Aluminum aluminum production and sales of related accessories in a variety of forms, a large number of inventory: aluminum Angle code, DCB series zinc alloy Angle code, built-in Angle groove fittings, diagonal block, elastic fasteners, a note fittings, three fitting to fitting, hinge, half shaft, connecting plate, anchor fittings, thresh components; T nut, nut, shrapnel nut marbles, smooth piece of shrapnel nut, H the slider nut, square nuts, outside investment type nut, T bolt, hex socket cup head bolt connecting bolts, round head, hinges, handles, aluminum extrusions, end cover, door components of edge banding, adjustable power door suction, double goal resistance, sealing plate colloidal particles, aluminum end plate, goblet casters, wanxiang, forma, etc.
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