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by:AAG     2020-11-16
Aluminum to compare other commonly used metal density is small, light quality, density is only 2. 70 g/cm3, is the 1/3 of bronze or iron, in use process without considering the need of the weight bearing. Frosted material aluminum: aluminum frosted surface to avoid the light of aluminium alloy profiles in architectural decoration exists in certain environment, conditions will form the interference of light, it's like brocade and soft surface, is very popular with the market, but the existing grinding material must overcome sand uneven surface, and can see mold lines of less than 1. Surface treatment performance is good, colour and lustre is gorgeous appearance. More tonal aluminum surface treatment industry: currently, the monotony of silvery white and tan already cannot satisfy architects and exterior wall decoration of tile, exterior wall latex is very good, a new type of stainless steel color, champagne color, gold, titanium gold, red series ( Wine red, purplish red, black, purple) Add a color glass can make adornment effect is the icing on the cake. The profile must be by chemical or mechanical polishing after oxidation, the effect is better. 2. Aluminum in the process of production using both the hot and cold processing, have very strong corrosion resistance. Electrophoresis coating aluminum: electrophoresis paint profile surface luster is soft, can resist the encroachment of cement mortar, acid rain alone, about 90% of Japan's aluminum after electrophoresis paint. 3. Aluminum relative to the other metal material, its no metal pollution, no toxicity, no volatile metal surface oxide layer. Powder electrostatic spraying aluminum: powder electrostatic spraying material are characterized by good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, salt fog is better than that of oxidation coloring material greatly. Plasma enhanced electrochemical surface ceramic aluminum: the profile is the world's most advanced processing technology. This section product quality is good, but the cost is higher. It has more than 20 tonal, its biggest characteristic is can use tinted like print, material surface colour profusion, excellent decorative effect.
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