Industrial aluminium profile, modern, efficient production and professional manufacturer of safety protection

by:AAG     2020-11-15
Since China's reform and opening up, China's development by leaps and bounds, looks like the China industry continues unabated. With open doors, industrial development more seriously, to promote industrial aluminum popular, China's industrial production and application of the aluminium profile, on state-owned enterprises, private enterprises bearing took off, industrial aluminum industry in the wind and rain together with China seek progress, create the image of China in the industrial aluminium profile. Aluminum is modern metal, with light, beauty, she, is better than that of steel. Aluminum, light quality, the proportion of small, beautiful, corrosion resistance, high strength, plasticity processing performance is good wait for an advantage, make it at the beginning into industrial application, main material is the first aircraft. With the development of China's industrial, industrial aluminum also gradually into the medium enterprise workshop. The making craft of portable, modelling beautiful, no matter from practical function and aesthetic form, is a leap. At the same time, the ranks of the quantity of aluminum production enterprises and the growing, leap also become the main nonferrous metals industry association members. With related companies in the data exchange, information transmission, standard related, activity, technology exchange, frequent tacit understanding, when aluminum products are twists and turns, common thinking from different angles to improve and response, etc. , have been together, the future still together in the long run 'people rich', 'the strong', 'aluminium' process continue to qi becoming our journey. Aluminum extrusions, following the footsteps of international innovation, the introduction of European aluminum advanced technology standards, promotion and production oubiao industrial aluminum extrusions and related accessories fittings, non-standard mould and so on, satisfy the needs of customers, at the same time aluminum also adhered to the quality first, service first principle, for the customer design and production of aluminium profile production line, aluminum fence, aluminum shelves, aluminum workbench, aluminum carts, aluminum board, aluminum protective fence, large mechanical equipment frame, etc. , can be seen everywhere.
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