Industrial aluminium profile listed companies with aluminum frame automation equipment aluminum shelves industrial aluminum extrusion processing

by:AAG     2020-11-15
Aluminum production and sales of industrial aluminum accessories in a variety of forms, a large number of inventory: aluminum Angle code, DCB series zinc alloy Angle code, built-in Angle groove fittings, diagonal block, elastic fasteners, a note fittings, three fitting to fitting, hinge, half shaft, connecting plate, anchor fittings, thresh components; T nut, nut, shrapnel nut marbles, smooth piece of shrapnel nut, H the slider nut, square nuts, outside investment type nut, T bolt, hex socket cup head bolt connecting bolts, round head, industrial aluminum parts hinges handles, aluminum extrusions, end cover, door components of edge banding, adjustable power door suction, double goal resistance, industrial aluminum accessories colloidal particles, aluminum end plate, the foot cup sealing plate casters, wanxiang, forma industrial aluminum parts, etc. 。 。 Industrial aluminum frame assembly case: fish tank, DIY computer desk, exhibition samples cabinet, office partition, industrial aluminum frame, aluminum extrusion line workbench, industrial aluminum production LCD screen materials, equipment, protective cover, hanging frame, screw machine, industrial aluminum frame loom equipment and other industries non-standard industrial automation framework; Industrial aluminum deep processing: aluminum Angle cutting, milling, end face, tapping bud, milling hole, slotting and other non-standard industrial aluminum ( Different profile) Design, open mode, processing: decorative profiles, radiators, chimney, vehicle, motor shell, aluminum square tube, round tube mould production according to customer drawings, etc. City equipment co. , LTD with abundant strength, product specification is complete, a large number of inventory, strictly control the product quality, sincere cooperation, the supremacy of credibility, and in many varieties management characteristic and the meager profit but high turnover principle, has won the trust of customers. Enterprise tenet: quality as the foundation, service is fundamental, strives for perfection, casting quality management idea: take the quality as the guarantee, for the purpose of service, with talent as the center, take the market as the guide. Look forward to working with more credit enterprise at home and abroad sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win!
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