Industrial aluminium profile information | | industry procurement principles

by:AAG     2020-11-08

the purchase of industrial aluminum has three principles: first: very cheap chose not to explain is as follows: aluminum spot price + cost = aluminum ingots extrusion aluminum processing fee + packaging material cost + freight. These are all very transparent, aluminum costs about the same, significantly lower than the market price, the first possibility: less weight per meter; The second: aluminum using recycled material; The third: amplification of material loss ( Not according to the actual number m sales) 。 Second: only know sales materials supplier chooses not to explain is as follows: for some goods, recruit several wiring, miss much do online promotion can be opened. These are often hurt our buyers. Wiring miss most don't know how to use, only know the unit price. How to use to meet customer demand; How to make most can do cost; That kind of connection is the best in different venues; They are not accurate answer. Know only recommend the cheapest material and cheapest way of connection; Such as right: this kind of connection mode is the lowest cost, but the fee of artificial, also is a kind of connection mode, the intensity of the worst aluminum convenience 1:00 also not reflected, but also a big trouble for the modification of the later. But miss connection will advocate a way. Third: selection is given priority to with producing aluminum supplier explanation is as follows: mainly produces aluminum suppliers, are engaged in this industry more than five years, myself, have rich practical experience, the product quality and performance have good understanding and mastering, will recommend a good cost performance products suitable for the requirement of the clients, it is convenient and useful to choose the accessories. Industrial aluminum ( Alloy) Profiles of the use scope is extremely broad, strong commonality, it with environmental protection, the assembly disassembly is famous for its characteristics of convenient, save time and money. Industrial aluminum many varieties, specifications complete, suitable for all types of machinery; Without welding, adjust the size of convenient, easy to change structure; High standard strict size tolerance, surface finish; Convenient and quick assembly work, high productivity; Anodic oxidation treatment on the surface, to avoid, anti-corrosion, spraying, beautiful and easy, can improve the additional value of products. Suitable for application: apply to production line, assembly line operation table, office partition, screen, industrial fence and all kinds of frame, display shelves, shelves, machinery dust seal cover, etc.
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