Industrial aluminium profile in the application of intelligent automation assembly line is?

by:AAG     2020-11-16
As industrial automation process production equipment support, the primary choice is automatic production assembly line equipment, semi-automatic and fully automated assembly line production main purpose is to reduce the artificial participation, gradually upgrade eliminated based on the artificial backward mode of production, not only inefficient, also cannot assure quality, then through the assembly line production equipment can not only ensure the quality, can also allows businesses to stay competitive, especially on the basis of industrial aluminum materials of equipment support. Automation technology in the field of storage ( Including main warehouse) Development can be divided into five stages: artificial storage stage, stage of mechanization, warehousing, automated storage stage, integrated warehouse and intelligent automation warehouse. In the late 90 s and the years of the 21st century, intelligent automation warehouse will be the main development direction of automation technology. What about assembly line equipment can be divided into many kinds: assembly line equipment production line equipment; Assembly line equipment; Automatic flow line equipment; Industrial assembly line equipment; Belt conveyor line equipment; Assembly flow line equipment; Chain plate line equipment; Drum assembly line equipment; Plug-in line equipment; Revolving cars; The workbench. Elevator; The coating drying equipment; Storage shelves; Stainless steel products; Wire rod products. Non-standard equipment, assembly line equipment! Most of the production equipment is the use of industrial aluminum materials, on the basis of working days, pipeline support frame, a robot arm are involved. Assembly line equipment is on a certain line continuous transport cargo handling machinery, also known as conveyor line or conveyor. At present the main materials are industrial aluminium profile is given priority to, as a new type of alloy materials, industrial aluminum good performance be the first choice of the structure. According to the conveyor series products can be divided into: industrial aluminum belt line, chain plate line, multiple chain line, plug-in line, mesh belt line, hanging line and drum line these seven kinds of assembly line. Generally includes tow parts, bearing, driving device, tension device, redirection device and bearing, etc. Conveyor can be horizontal, inclined and vertical transportation, also can form a space transmission lines, conveyor line is usually fixed, pipeline transmission capacity is big, long distance, but also in the process of delivery at the same time to complete a number of process operation, so the application is very extensive.
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