Industrial aluminium profile extrusion die on before and after the matters needing attention

by:AAG     2020-11-08

industrial aluminium profile extrusion die on precautions (before and after 1) With advanced instruments online and offline testing mold size precision, surface roughness and hardness. Detection qualified mould for registration, the person library shelves, brought out the polishing die work with when using, and the diversion die, molding die, die pad assembly checks, to the heating when confirmed. ( 2) Before the industrial aluminum extrusion advanced computer heating temperature regulation: container: 400 ~ 450 ℃, pressure pad: 350 ℃, die cushion: 350 ~ 400 ℃, flat die: 450 ~ 470 ℃, die: 460 ~ 480 ℃, holding time according to the mould thickness calculation ( l 5 / mm ~ 2 minutes) ; ( 3) Industrial aluminum extrusion industry mold in the furnace heating time does not allow for more than 10 hours, time is too long, die work with easy corrosion or deformation; ( 4) At the beginning of the aluminum profile extrusion stage, need to slowly add pressure, because the impact is likely to cause plugging mode. If blocked in mould, need to stop immediately, to prevent crushed die work; ( 5) After mold unloading machine, stay cool to 150 ~ 180 ℃ when put alkali trough cook, because mold alkali cooking at high temperatures, easy to heat cracking. And advanced wash method should be adopted in order to recycling saves the lye, shorten the corrosion time and achieve pollution-free clean; ( 6) Industrial aluminium profile extrusion die repairing the die on the die assembly, the application of copper bar top hit gently, not allowed to use big hammer bash, avoid excessive force, rotten mould; ( 7) Industrial aluminum extrusion dies before the nitriding of die work closely with polishing to the surface roughness Ra0. 8 to 0. 4μm; ( 8) Before the industrial aluminum extrusion moulds nitriding for clean, do not allow the oil into the furnace; Nitriding process to reasonable ( In accordance with the equipment characteristics and mold material) After nitriding surface hardness is HV900 ~ 1200, the nitride layer too thick, good cause nitride layer peeling off. A set of mould generally allow nitride 3 ~ 5 times; Complex high tooth radiator profiles die without nitrogen chemical sequence; ( 9) The new mold, mold of the old ones, round pipe die nitriding treatment without test directly; New industrial aluminum products and complicated profile die should be carried out after test qualified to nitriding treatment; ( 10) New industrial aluminum extrusion mold after test qualified, squeezing up to 10 ingot casting nitride processing should be unloaded machine, avoid will work out with groove; Between nitriding not excessive production, generally flat die is 60 ~ 100 ingot, die for 40 ~ 80 ingot advisable, can pull the nitride layer. ( 11) After use, industrial aluminum extrusion mold after polishing, inunction library preservation.
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