Industrial aluminium profile connection methods have?

by:AAG     2020-11-06

industrial aluminum tools should be prepared before installation process first, have a complete tool, operation is handy, usually have the following tools in industrial aluminum extrusion processing. 1, the ball head wrench for aluminum bar section USES: aluminum frame combination and installation accessories, all needs to use the hex wrench, it is recommended to use high quality alloy steel long ball head with a wrench, will ensure that your installation quality, improve the efficiency of your work. 2, rubber hammer USES: aluminum frame combination and accessories, when installation available rubber hammer correction and adjust the position, and will not damage the surface of aluminum. Shanghai gao courageously aluminum processing three step 1 installation, cutting to make aluminum sawing surface finish high, without burr, without secondary processing, suggest to choose high quality aluminium profile cutting machine, and more than 100 teeth with high precision hard alloy extrusions dedicated disks. 2, drilling before the installation, according to the different size of aluminum extrusions, must be installed at the specified position to drill hole, Drilling center from the profile size below. 3, tapping the tooth in the aluminum end center hole need to connect, depending on the selection of the size of the mounting screw tapping teeth. Installed in aluminum bottom supporting feet, casters, etc. , must be in the center of the transverse hole tapping tooth, tooth silk size to match the hooves, castor self-contained grain size 4, loading, anchor pin and final assembly
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