Industrial aluminium profile can be used in which aspects of family life?

by:AAG     2020-11-10

welcome friends, came to the small make up a small class, aluminum can now be used in all areas of our lives, not just only in the industry, now in our family life is also can be used to, small and medium-sized built to give you detail in the following article. With the wide application field of aluminium alloy profile is more and more, a lot of home appliance industry has instead of a plastic one of the aluminum alloy parts, to comply with the modern consumption idea and aesthetic standards. Take the TV set, since 2012, South Korea's LG display a global first without borders TV, it was deeply loved by the masses of users. In fact it is not without borders, no border TV just hidden frame, it USES the aluminum alloy in the box, will be bent after aluminum extrusion processing, aluminum box in the manufacturer of the TV. In the aluminum alloy frame strength is good, high accuracy, can guarantee a perfect fit with the screen border. Box used in aluminum quadrilateral bending process, and the oxidation of shallow tarnish wiredrawing processing, conform to the mainstream of low-key luxury. Since no border TV listings, each big brand to follow suit, televisions on the market at present basically is used in the aluminum alloy frame assembly. Before, of course, not only the TV frame, decoration and are moving in the aluminum alloy shell, base, with no border of television in the box for the aluminum bending, other decoration if using the same metal materials, can avoid problems such as injection molding, assembling decoration of gap big, therefore also produce TV under the frame of material made of plastic to make the transition to aluminium profile change. Due to the birth of the module all-in-one, former shell adopts module machine is both the appearance of a fixed screen glass structure, commonly used metal stamping parts, aluminum manufacturers are less detail change, mould cost is high, the structure design of limitations and other issues. Using square aluminum shell before joining together can be very good to solve these problems. There are so many original aluminum used in our audio-visual equipment, believe that as a new type of material, aluminum will appear more in our life!
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