Industrial aluminium profile accessories: special round head bolt, flat machine, cylinder head bolts, square nuts, shrapnel nut blocks, even in the built-in

by:AAG     2020-11-13
Industrial aluminium profile accessories: special-purpose semi-circular head bolt, flat machine bolts, cylinder head bolts, square nuts, shrapnel nut blocks, built-in fittings, special Angle of groove fittings, the strength of the profile Angle and Angle, profile Angle of 45 degrees, 135 degrees profile Angle, three-dimensional Angle connection, steering Angle, Angle of anchor pieces, hinge, lifting eyebolt, bevel fittings, groove fittings, T bolt, built-in fittings, elastic nut block, elastic fasteners, T nut block, diamond nuts, flange nuts, Angle of groove fittings, nylon hinge, slide block, Angle, Angle fittings, activity hinge, nylon cover plate, hooks, etc
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